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We believe that marketing and branding is not a one-size-fits-all deal. With our research and execution approach, we’ve served brands across various disciplines that have laid the track record of success for us. Every customer’s journey to their ideal solution is unique. Read all about how our solutions have impacted our client’s brands.

Case Studies

Ricamour Embroideries 

Category: Fashion

Work: Website


They approached Core with a website grievance. Their initial website was limited to just photos and descriptions, along with a contact page. It was highly watered down.

Step i.— We analyzed the website, vis-à-vis the company. What we discovered was that there was a massive communication discrepancy. The website made them seem like freelance workers, which was untrue, because upon further analysis we discovered that the company has employees, and infrastructure. It offered no other information. 

Step ii. — The next concern was to identify how to rectify this while retaining the form of the previous website, as requested by them. Our proposed solution was to create a website with relevant pages, and to transform the style to appear more corporate than freelance. 

Step iii. — We added elements like a ‘Why Us?’ page, which is crucial to put across to the customers what makes them unique, and why they should be chosen.

Step iv. — The process also led to the addition of a ‘What We Do’ and ‘Process’ page, which provided clarity on the organization itself, making them a lot more attractive due to the information available to the reader of the website, who would then be a potential customer. 

Step v. — Another important step was to highlight their innate strengths subtly, through displaying employees and infrastructure. Photographing the products (captured by us in the highest quality) played an important role here, adding a news section along with it, which kept clients updated and informed. 

The primary effect was that of establishing credibility. The client wrote to us claiming that the potential clients referred to the website as “the most professional and well-designed website”. There began an influx of clients, and since all of the information was mentioned on the website, it seemed to be a lot more genuine to the clients that were outside of the country. The photographs, too, were kept as real as possible, adding to the genuineness. We created values for the company on the website, after identifying it as an important requirement when catering to an international audience. The subtle approach and understated technique worked wonders for the client, whose testimony cites the same. 

A major impact of this project by CORE was that of increased business for Ricamour Embroideries, since the exact structure of the brand was revealed, and even made to look attractive. The genuineness of the website made Ricamour’s client outreach efforts seem not just sincere, but also trustworthy. The website also became a very powerful tool to reach out to the potential customers, all of whom, owing to this new change in their company, converted to their service. What would have taken months to perhaps build on in terms of a rapport of credibility with these customers was done within a matter of minutes through the appearance and openness established by the site. The clientele also seemed exceedingly impressed with the slick company profile curated by us for Ricamour Embroideries, and while we were able to establish their image as a company that is experienced and seasoned in their field, we were also able to add a layer of novel and professional elements that made them seem truly young and exciting to work with.

Shweta Kekal

Category: Beauty

Work: Branding & Website.

A renowned and award-winning makeup artist and hairstylist herself, Shveta was going through a brand identity crisis. Her company consisted of 4 salons & spas in Pune, of 20 years of fame, but the multiple verticals led to a lack of consolidated identity.

Step i.— We studied Shveta’s business thoroughly. Upon doing this we found that it comprises 3 main verticals of hair & make-up, salons & spas, and hair & beauty academy. While the 3 seemed to be prominent in their respective fields, the problem was identified as a lack of collective identity of the three.

Step ii. — We therefore thought of creating a brand logo to address this. A logo would establish a visual identity for the brand while allowing each of the three branches to exist independently. To achieve this, the most important part would be creating a brand logo that incorporated all three axes, with each individual meaning, as opposed to three different logos, which would not contribute to identity creation.

Step iii. — Preserving the essence of the brand as we knew it was essential. So we took up the original logo and created an adapted version of the main logo to fit other businesses. The central feature of all three axes were added into the original logo to make it cohesive.

Step iv. — The ideation involved adding one element per axes. A lot of research led to the creation of a pink logo (symbolizing services for women), with accents of gold (symbolizing premium services). The logo itself was minimal and easy to decipher, with an ‘S’ standing for a strand of hair (which represents the hairstyling profession), and the rest of the verticals in the letter ‘K’ — the top-line of the alphabet looking like a mascara pencil (thereby covering make-up), and the bottom-line looking like a mountain peak. The latter was symbolic of achievement, and next to it is a dot (for a ‘beauty mark’).

It was seen that due to the new logo, the level of visual communication for the brand was transformed from a mediocre quality to one that got better reach and can now be used largely in the brand’s digital marketing — a feature not available to them before. The popularity, too, increased, leading to a higher demand and cost/compensation for the services.

Our work on Sveta Kekal’s services turned it into not just an improvement of their current outreach, but also an effective branding solution. One major difference in their appearance as a brand before and after our services is that they are now taken more seriously as a commercial and provisional entity. Earlier, as described by their brand itself, their outreach was not solid, and this often happened because the customers were entirely unaware of one axis of service or the other. Now, after the identity of the brand itself has undergone a transformation, the concepts like quality, types of services and the brand’s experience has all reached their targeted clientele in a way that has led to increased revenue.

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